Visa for China

Well I’m sitting in the World Forum Convention Center waiting to pick up my visa for China. I just love the fact I can blog on my HTC with a flat fee umts contract. I’m going to miss that when I’m in China. Anyway, I had to got up early this morning to be sure I was at the Chinese embassy in The Hague before 9 o’clock.

Lucky for me it’s summer so I had no trouble with any traffic. πŸ™‚ When I arrived at 8:45 I got to see a long line of people already waiting for the embassy to open. Glad I came early because I was number 19 and the line of people kept growing.

Anyway, it didn’t take long for my turn and at 9:45 I was done. Since I requested that my visa be done today I have to wait for it to be done. Now I’m sitting here having a coffee and writing this little posting while waiting till it’s after 11 to pick up my visa. If all goes well I’ll be done with all the paperwork and can relax the next two weeks before I’ve got to start preparing for my presentation.

Everything’s done. πŸ™‚ Had to stand in line for about 20 minutes to pick up my passport but it was defininately worth it. Now all the paperwork that needed to be done is done. Tomorrow it’s time to get my shots. I hate getting shots but I’d rather get the shots than get sick in China. Hope I don’t have to go a second time but I’ll see tomorrow what the doctors will tell me.

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  1. Guy,

    How are you? I think the last time we spoke was during the EFR External Congress. It was also during those days we told each other we were going to be in Beijing around the same time. Good to hear you are done with all the necessities for going there! How did the visa application work out for you, what were the steps before you wrote the post above?
    Another thing: I will be working in Beijing from November 30 – February 12, do you already have some people/friend/family there that might know how I can get a room/apartment for me during this period?

    Thanks and lets keep in touch!


  2. Jelmer,

    How’s life man? I got your sms on wednesday, sorry for not replying yet but I had to prepare for my graduation on thursday. Yep I just graduated two days ago so I can finally join the MSc club. πŸ™‚

    I definately remember the talks we had during the External Congress and the fun in Dusseldorf. Have you seen the pics on the EFR Businessweek website yet? I don’t know if I have time fo upload the somewhere for you but if you want the pics I took just let me know.

    I’ll be leaving two days from now on monday for Beijing so I can’t tell you anything yet on how to get a room but I’ll ask around for you when I get there.

    About the Visa, just download the form from the website of the Chinese Embassy and fill in in. Make sure you don’t forget to make enough official passport pictures just in case you might need them in China on the first day. You need at least one for the Visa application.

    I just filled in the application form, if you have any official confirmation letters/e-mails about the internship make a copy and bring it with you. They might want a copy of that because they made a copy of my confirmation letter from Tsinghua.

    If you want to get your visa in 1 day be sure to be at the embassy early, read at least 20 minutes before official opening time, because it was really busy and mention that you want it in one day. Bring along a book because it will take some time before it’s done. Getting your visa in one day will cost more but saves you time of having to go back again a few days later. More info can be found on the embassy website.

    That’s about it. If you want to know more just mail me. Keep in touch.

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