Chateau Du Lac

Last weekend was very nice. πŸ˜€ Gio and me went to Belgium to spend some time together. She made the reservations so it was a surprise for me what she planned and where we were going. I only got the address before we left Amsterdam because I needed it for TomTom. Otherwise we probably would be able to find it. We left friday morning and arrived in Genval (Belgium) around 12:30. Since we were early and there were some road constructions we had to drive towards the center of Genval. Thank god for navigation software and devices. If we didn’t have navigation I seriously doubt we could have found it that quickly.

Anyway, since check in was from 15:00 so we decided to look around the local center and have lunch. Driving around we found a small shopping center and decided to park there. We went to a small bistro and had a nice lunch, the food was very nice. After lunch we decided was almost 15:00 so we decided to go to the resort. When we got there it ended up being a 5 star Chateau. It’s located at a lake which gives it a very nice atmosphere as you can see on the pictures below.

Chateau Du Lac

After checking in we decided to walk around the lake, we didn’t walk that long before deciding to go back to our room and plan for saturday. I was also tired from driving and having to get up at 6 in the morning to do stuff. After resting for a bit my stomach started talking to telling me that it needed food. It was also quite late already (20:00) so it wasn’t that surprising. We wanted to eat at the restaurant in the Chateau but sadly it was book full for the night. πŸ™

La Matisse

So we took the car and used the handy Points of interest of Tomtom and found a restaurant not to far … actually when we got there it was on the other side of the lake. We could have walked to it but hey, I can be lazy … and it was kind of late and I was hungry.

It was an african restaurant called La Matisse. The food was good and not that expensive. After dinner we drove back the same was and decided to stop across the Chareau to take some pictures.

Chateau Du Lac by day

Chateau Du Lac by night