About Me

That's me ...What to tell about me. I was born and raised in the city called Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, which is a country in Europe. My grandparents emigrated from China to Surinam, which was a colony of The Netherlands. They lived in Paramaribo (capital of Surinam) and that’s the city where my parents and all of my aunts and uncles were born. My parents went to The Netherland to study and decided to stay when Surinam claimed its independence on the 25th of November 1975. The rest of the family came to The Netherlands around that same time. My parents got married on the 16th of December 1977 and on the 1st of August 1980 I was born.

I studied Electrical Engineering at the Higher Professional Education Of Amsterdam and graduated in 2003. My graduation project was done at the NLIP which was the Dutch trade association of Internet Providers and the subject of my graduation project was about Multicast technology in the Netherlands.

After getting my Bachelor of Engineering I started studying Informatics & Economics on the Erasmus University. This study can be done in two years because I have my Bachelors (of Engineering) degree. The first year is a pre-masters program and the second year is the Master itself.

During my time on the Erasmus University a Chinese Student Association (CSA-EUR) was founded in 2004. I was a committee member during its first year and was the chairman in its second year. Those two years have been amazing and I have experienced and learned a lot being active in a young, growing and starting organization. After stepping down and handing over the responsibility of being chairman to a capable successor I was in the Advisory Council for one year and currently I am just a normal member. During my time as on the Advisory Council for CSA-EUR I was also busy at the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) leading the education committee while writing my Master Thesis.

It took two years for me to finish the pre-master program and another two years finishing the Master program. I graduated on the 6th of September in 2007, earning the right to call myself a Master of Science in the field of Economics and Informatics.

On the 10th of September I went to Beijing for a whole year to study Mandarin (putonghua) at Tsinghua University. If you want to read more about my adventures in China click here. I got to know quite a few people and made a lot of friends. Eventhough we might not see or speak to each other as much as I want to they have a special place in my heart. We’ve seen and experienced a lot during our stay in Beijing and I’ll remember the good times we had. TSF (Tsinghua Super Friends) for life. 🙂

After getting back from my year in China and experiencing the 2008 Olympics in Beijing I had to recover from a car accident which was a set back. It took quite a while but I recovered and started jobhunting end of 2008. The hunt ended with me starting as a consultant for TOPdesk in 2009. TOPdesk is an international software and consultancy organization with over fifteen years experience in the field of service management, if you want to read more about TOPdesk then just click here. During my time at TOPdesk I also got my ITIL Foundation certification. I’ve learned a lot and still keep on learning new things as I implement TOPdesk at different customers.

For the moment there’s nothing more left to tell about me, for the moment that is. If you want to know more about me, just read my weblog.

Guy Chen MSc. B.Eng