And then it’s halfway 2014 0_o

Allllllllrighty then. It’s been more then a year since my last post and update. For those that are still interested a recap of the rest of 2013 in bullet form. 😛 Some things might get an own post.

  • Ana moved to The Netherlands in July
  • We got married on September 20th 2013 in The Netherlands. It was a gorgeous day and we feel blessed that so many of our family and friends could be there on our special day. More info, pics on the wedding visit our wedding website: Our wedding even got published on various websites like Wedding Chicks and The Perfect Wedding.
  • Me and Ana spent a month in Copenhagen, Denmark in October, not even a few week after our honeymoon. I had agreed to work at the Danish office of TOPdesk for a month to exchange knowledge, train my Danish colleagues and visit Danish customers. Living in Denmark was a great experience and the fact that Ana could be there with me made it even better.
  • On November 30th 2013 we had a wedding reception in New York for the family and friends that weren’t able to come to the Netherlands.

Leaving me the first half of 2014. Nothing big happened with me, still working at TOPdesk and loving it. After quite a few months of jobhunting Ana found a job and started working at INC Research. 😀 Anyway, this was a quick update and summary for now. Catch you next time.