Q1 2013 … a short summery

So my last post was about 2012, this one will be about what’s been happening in Q1 2013. The first week of January Ana visited my in Dutchland to get some wedding stuff done. We had scheduled interviews with 3 photographers on various days and on Friday 4th of January the whole day was about ceremony location visits. Very busy week but it also very productive. We managed to find our wedding photographer, our wedding ceremony location and the dinner venue. We also made our wedding website which you can visit at: http://wedding.chen.nl.

The rest of the months of February and March it was work, house hunting and wedding planning. I am happy to to say I’ve found a house, signed the rent contract and am getting the keys halfway April. Hopefully I will be able to move end of April.

As for the rest … I am currently a plane off to NY to visit Ana and writing this and the previous post. Seems like I mostly am updating my blog in a plane đŸ˜›

Anyway, nest few posts will most likely be more gadget related and I really hope to update at least once a month …. That is if there is something to write about.

See you on the flip side đŸ˜€