CSA-EUR Board get together

After one year Yen Pan finally got back in the Netherlands. For those that just tuned in or forgot, Yen Pan was handeling External Affairs and Formal Activities during my year as Chairman of CSA-EUR. More info about CSA-EUR can be found on the official website http://www.csa-eur.nl.

She got back two weeks ago and we planned a get together on friday the 3rd of August in Rotterdam. It is like nothing has really changed when we get together. The same group dynamic is still there and to be honest, it’s something I missed the last year. After one year in the board you really bond with each other. To bad that Yee Tee wasn’t there since he is on holiday. But we’ll have another get together with the whole gang before I leave for Beijing.

I wasn’t expecting any presents but thank you all for the Lonely Planet China, Harry Potter book 6 and the alcoholic drinks. 😛 Now I can read Harry Potter book 6 & 7 before I leave or in the plane to Beijing. And yeah, I know it was stupid of me to buy book 7 thinking I could read it after seeing the latest movie. What was I thinking ??? … guess I’m getting demented. 😉

It was fun seeing you all again, don’t forget we’re going to The Simpsons movie. That’ll be one hell of an evening and I’m looking forward to it.

Look what I got ... :)