Friends & Family

In this section I want to give a special shout out to my closest friends & family.

The mind isn’t always working the way the heart does. The mind forgets what the heart doesn’t. So that’s why I removed all the individual shout outs. They were outdated and the list wasn’t complete by a long shot. Instead, I’ll be looking for songs, poems and stories that apply to you to show my gratitude and appreciation. You people all know who you are.

My final words to all of you are:

“Thanks for being there for me and having an impact on my life. Even if we don’t see or speak to each other that often. Thank you all for being my friend. I hope that I have been a good friend to you too. You’ve left an imprint on me and influenced me into being who I am today and for that I will always be grateful.”


I’m grateful to all of you! Family & friends!


To my friends!

Zhou Hua Jian (Emil Chau) – Peng You

Zhe xie nian yi ge ren Feng ye guo Yu ye zou
You guo lei You guo cuo Hai ji de jian chi shen me
Zhen ai guo cai hui dong Hui ji mo Hui hui shou
Zong you meng Zou you ni Zai xin zhong

Peng you yi sheng yi qi zou Na xie ri zi bu zai you
Yi ju hua Yi bei zi Yi sheng qing Yi bei jiu
Peng you bu ceng gu dan guo Yi sheng peng you ni hui dong
Hai you shang Hai you tong Hai yao zou Hai you wo
Yi ju hua Yi bei zi Yi sheng qing Yi bei jiu