Tiananmen by night

Ok so I was having dinner at the dininghall with the EUR friends except for Sheng and Wijie when they called and asked us if we wanted to go and visit The forbidden city. It was about 18:30 when we got the call and we had to get to Tiananmen before 21 because the Forbidden city would close at that time. We had to shove our dinner down our throats and we went to our dorms to get our camera’s and headed off to Tiananmen. For the people that know it was really troublesome to get to Tiananmen from Wudaokou during traffic, for the people that don’t know. It normally takes about 45 minutes up to 1 hour to get to Tiananmen from Wudaokou.

Anyway, we got at Tiananmen West subway station and we still had to walk for quite a while. Every few minutes getting calles that we had to hurry because they we’re gonna close and we had little time. It was hectic, we managed to get a few shots before starting a run towards the Forbidden city. We got at 20:30 and had about a half hour to walk around, take some pics before getting kicked out.

Afterwards we walked around on Tiananmen, took some pics and went home by cab. It was a fun expecience. Sheng I want to thank you once again for the tickets and for calling us. Go take a look at the picture gallery and I’ll be off writing the next few blog updates. 😛

Pictures Tiananmen by Night

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