The Great Wall at Badaling, the birth of the running tradition

Vacation time. 🙂 After the second week of classes it was one whole week of vacation (1st of October till the 7th) because of National Day. Anyway, back to the story.

Time: Saturday the 28th of september, 8 o’clock in the morning.
Destination: Great wall at Badaling.

Getting up on this early on a saturday is not my way to start off a weekend and vacation but for a trip to Badaling I didn’t mind. Specially since the trip was arranged by Tsinghua and the price was only 50 yuan. It’s CHEAP !!! But anyway, a lot of people that I know went so it was fun. And it was the beginning of one of our traditions. But I’ll tell you about that in a minute. The bus ride took about 45 minutes or something like that. I can’t really remember because it’s a while ago and I was also powernapping and talkting to people in the bus.

When we got there at 11 we were told we had till 14 to walk on the wall. We started walking towards one end and taking pictures along the way when there was a challenge to run towards the first tower. Well … it ain’t hard to guess what happened then. Most of the EUR group started running, me included to see who could get to the tower first. What I didn’t know is that Marc was filming our running up the wall. We were lik madmen running up the wall with people looking at us as of we were crazy. I think we kind of are but it was fun to do. 😛 Anyway, this race was the first of a lot of races and it’s kind of a tradition to have a race and film it at each touristic place we’ve been visiting up till now. So up till ow we’ve run at al of the places we’ve beento with the EUR group. 😀

Anyway, after the race we decided that walking was a better idea and we walked towards the end of the wall. We got there with 45 minutes to spare before we had to be back. Took some pics and walked back. At the end we had another race towards the entrance. It was really funny to run on the wall and like I said before. It had become a tradition to race.

We were in time, had an ice cream and headed back to the meeting point to go back towards Tsinghua. And that’s the Badaling story. Check out the pics.

Pictures Great wall at Badaling

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  1. Some nice pictures their bro, you guys are crazy for running up and down the wall, isnt it hot over there? what is the weather conditions like
    seeing your are getting a bit of a belly on the pictures, i suppose the food
    is fantastic hehehee

    enjoy it bro

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