Busy, youtube, hyves …

Yeah I kind of know I was supposed to update my website about 10 days ago. Damn time flies when being busy with homework and also having a social life here in BJ. Anyway, just letting you know I’m still alive and having a blast here in BJ. So that explains the busy part.

Sincs last week youtube got blocked here in China and it bites big time!!! I used youtube to share the video’s I’m making here in China, I’m not gonna make an umpteenth account somewhere to do stuff. Dammit. Got to much account everywhere. I even got on facebook because everyone I met here uses it. Oh well, all of you will have to wait till I get back in The Netherlands or if I can find a way to upload and access youtube from China. If you know a way, mail me.

On to Hyves, same story here with Hyves. It’s blocked by the great wall and I haven’t bothered looking for a way to get access to it. As above, if you know a way for me to be able to access it let me know. So SORRY to all the people that are still waiting for a comfirmation of being friends.

That’s it for this small update. Up to the next update, this is gonna take a while to do. O_o