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It’s been a month since I’ve last updated my blog. Time really flies here in BJ and I’ve been busy with studying and having a good time as well. Here’s just a short (or short as possoble anyway :P) overview of the last month.

On the 2nd of november I’ve been to a concert of Andy Lau with some friends, I don’t know a lot of songs from him but I know that he’s a big star in China. It was fun to see but getting there was a real pain in the ass. It was on a friday and the subway was really crowded. I’ve never experienced anything like that before and to be honest. I hope to never experience that again. But with at least another three months to go I think I will.

The week after that I had my midterms for the courses I have, they were kind of hard but I managed to pass all of them. For the people that are interested here are my results. Kouyu (speaking) 86, Tingli (listening) 70,5 and for Zonghe (grammar) 70. I had my last midterm on a friday and afterwards me and some classmates went out for bowling and korean BBQ. After that I went out to Propaganda with other friends. It was a long day and I didn’t get back untill early in the morning.

The next day I had to get up early to get a hot shower and get ready to go to a park and the 13 ming tombs. This was an excursion arranged by Tsinghua and it was cheap so I decided to sign up earlier that week. Me and my friends that also went clubbing  were in for a big surpris. It turned out the park was a mountain … O_o. We were deadtired but managed to get up to the top and walk down again in one piece. After that we had lunch and though we were going to the 13 ming tombs. That was another surprise … we didn’t really go but ended up near the 13 ming tombs at some olypmic venue. We took some pics and had a race … yeah a sprint in our tired condition. When I have time I’ll put up the movie and pics.

I’ve also been to Gugong (forbidden city), Yihe yuan (the new summer palace), Yuanmingyuan (old summer palace) and I’ve been amazed by the beauty of those places. Pics and movies are also coming when I find the time and feel like filtering and uploading them.

The first week of october we had a whole week of vacation (National day) and I went to Xi’an with some friends, those stories and pics will have to wait for another time but suffice to say I had a really good time over there. We visited the hot springs, the teracotta warriors and mount hua. Like before, pics and movies are on their way.

Well that’s it for this update. It’s 9:35 AM at the moment and have to get ready for classes in the afternoon. Tomorrow I’ll be visiting The Temple of Heaven and I’m really looking forward to it. See you on the next update.

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  1. Hi Guy, that has been a while indeed!

    Great to see you’re still alive & getting good grades, congrats on passing your midterms. So you are still scheduled for a good finish then?
    It seems to me you’re having one big holiday over there, with some studying in between; but that could also very well be my imagination running around wildly.

    I would really like to see those pictures, but I’ll have to wait I guess.

  2. Nice scores man, keep going i think i need a guide next year
    also check out some night venue’s for me heheheh

  3. Hi Cousssssssssssss,

    Good to ready your havin’ a good time. We missed you 1-1-2008 🙂
    We hebben een appartementje gekocht aan de Van Nijenrodeweg 539 (zie Funda)in Buitenveldert heheh..Dus tegen de tijd dat je terug bent kom je ons lekker opzoeken.

    Heel veel plezier nog en geniet ervan!

    Liefs en dikke kus,

    je zussie Christel

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