Mini reunion(s) in Rotterdam

Yes last week thursday I had a mini reunion with a few of the Tsinghua Super Friends (清华超级朋友). Yeah not everyone could be there which was a  shame but anyway, we met up in Rotterdam and had dinner at the Chinese Muur which appearantly is the best one at the moment. Yeah every few x amount of time the best restaurant to go to is a different one.

Anyway, during dinner a lot of old CSA-EUR and Erasmus friends came in for dinner. They appearantly had a get together that day too, which was a lot of fun. It’s really funny to see all of them again after a whole year, a lot of them haven’t changed and some did. After dinner we all went to Doelen Cafe and had a few drinks and caught up on what everyone was doing. That was really nice and I hope to meet up with them again sometime soon.

On another note, I’ve started jobhunting and hope to get a job ASAP. I also have another 13 more days to go before my cast comes of my right leg, so I’m finally halfway sort of. Eventhough I can do a lot with even with my right leg in cast it is still quite an inconvenience with a lot of things. I can’t wait for it to be removed and hopefully hear that I only have to do physical therapy.  We will see in another two weeks, in the meantime is full steam jobhunting for me.

In other news, there’s going to be a mini gathering of TSF at the end of november since Suzanne is visiting all the way from NY and Andrew is coming over from Stockholm. We’re currently trying to get Steven and Amanda to also come over but we’ll see if that will happen. Still have about 2 more months to convince them to visit good old Dutchland too. If any of you TSF family is reading this, you are also ofcourse invited to come on over to Dutchland when the others are coming. 🙂 That would make the reunion even bigger.