It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining

Well yes and no. 😛 Today and was a really nice day, the sun was shining and I had a lunch meeting with Jikky, a very close friend of mine. I went out with nice weather and using my crutches I got downtown without any problems. People were actually more considerate and helpful because they saw me walking with crutches.

Good thing that I got them for use when I go outside, as in downtown or other places with public transportation. It’s such a difference in how you are being treated and looked at. It’s funny but also sad at the same time. Funny as in people are more helpful and considerate but sad that when I don’t use crutches that they don’t really do that because you just look like someone with a limp. And with the use of crutches they look at you as someone that is injured and recovering.

It’s interesting how people are perceived and how people react different to the same person in the same situation because of a thing that they do or do not use.  It also makes me reflect on myself on how I look at things and might or might not take things at face value. The human mind, what an interesting thing it is. One might try to comprehend and predict the actions of others but there is no exact sience behind it. Well, at least not that I know of. I mean psychology might explain and describe things but it is not always correct. That reminds me of a series of books I once read called “The Foundation” by Isaac Asimov. In those books it’s about a science called “Psychohistory“. Click the links for more info on what I mean, but anyway back to my day.

I went downtown and met up with Jikky and had lunch at a bagle place at Waterlooplein. The bagle was really nice and we caught up on what we’ve been doing in our lives. Me about how it was to be back in July and to be in China again during the Olympics, travelling to Anhui and ofcourse about the car accident and how I’m doing. Jikky about what she’s been up to the last two months and about her thesis. It was a nice convo and really fun to chillax with her. Eventhough we don’t really meet up that often it’s always nice to meet up with her and catch up on what we’ve been doing. Guess that is why I see her as a younger sister.

After lunch and a lot of talking I went back home. Luckily it was dry and sunny again, because during lunch and lounging it had rained a few times and pretty bad too. So when it stopped raining we dicided to head off home. I had a small stroll through the city center walking towards the tram and went home.  Getting home I faffed around and started re-reading book one of “The Wheel of Time”.

2 Replies to “It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining”

  1. Dude!
    I’m sorry to hear you’re temporarily immobilized. Traffic-accidents suck!
    Do you actually know what is wrong with your knee? I couldn’t tell glancing over your previous posts. I guess the game of pocket billiards will be postponed quite a bit. 😉

    I’m guessing being back in China around the OG must’ve been amazing, right?

  2. Hey Maarten,

    Dude, sorry fot the late reply. Yeah you can say that again, but thank god I still have use of my legs. Well, there’s something wrong with my ligaments, and my kneecap got quite a bang from the impact.

    In het Nederlands even voor het gemak ook, mijn kniebanden zijn verrekt doordat mijn knieschijf verschoven was door de impact van de crash. Op dit moment ziet het er naar uit dat alles goed komt nadat het gips eraf mag in oktober maar het is even afwachten op hoe het er dan uitziet. Als alles goed gaat dan is het alleen nog maar fysiotherapie om mijn spieren weer aan te sterken en om mijn knie te trainen. Want na grofweg 6 weken geen gebruik zijn ze natuurlijk zo slap als ik weet niet wat. Dat zal dan ook nog wel enkele weken duren voordat ik goed en wel weer ter been ben. Maar goed, we zien het allemaal wanneer het gips eraf gaat.

    Inderdaad, billiard, pool, snooker zal nog wel even uitgesteld worden.

    De spelen waren in ieder geval super om mee te maken, wat een sfeer. Zal je wel vertellen als we elkaar zien.

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