Cast away the cast

Ok that was lame. 😛 But I’m really glad that I’m finally out of cast after 6 weeks in total. It felt great today when they took it off in the hospital today … but … it also kind of sucks at the moment. I really did not notice how much the cast supported me and helped me walk/move/limp around the last few weeks. I got used to it eventhough it was inconevient at times. Like when taking a shower, going somewhere by car (and no I was not driving lol) but now that the cast is off I see and feel how much it did help me out.

My right leg is a lot skinnier than my left, the muscles are flabby and no matter how much I try to flex them. They just don’t, eventhough I can kind of feel that they are flexing. On the outside I can’t see that. I also have trouble walking since I can’t really control the muscles and motions  of my right leg/knee. I takes concentration to flex (as far as flexing goes) my muscles in my right leg. Bending is just not doable at the moment. I can slightly ben my knee at a 15 – 20 degree angle before I starts feeling weird and not good. It also hurts a bit when I move my leg the wrong way. My muscles are feeling so stiff …. not funny anymore.

Anyway, enough nagging about how annoying it is. The main thing is that I can finally start training my leg and getting it back to how it was starting coming wednesday. Then I’ll be having my first session of physical therapy. Hopefully I’ll be hearing a rough estimate of how long it will take before I can bend my knee, move my leg without it hurting or feeling awkwards. My guess is that process will take about 2 to 3 weeks and hopefully in 4 to 5 weeks from now I can actually do things like run, dance and drive. But lets just see how wednesday and this week will go.

On another and more positive note. Last week I met up with some friends in Rotterdam for dinner and after dinner I went to the social drink of CSA-EUR. It was really fun and nice, and because I still was in cast I could to quite a lot. Hopefully I can go to R’dam this friday to the TSF reunion. But looking at how my legs feels at the moment, that will not be happening. Oh well, time will tell.