Merry Christmas! Update after a long time …

Wow … it has been more than seven months since my last update. O_o How time flies, how time flies. In those seven months a lot happened which I’ll give a recap on the highlights, which will make this post a bit longer but not toooooo long I hope. ūüėõ But before I’ll start with that I want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas!

This was the year of weddings¬†apparently¬†since three friends of mine got married and a few more got¬†engaged. In July Sheng (one of the¬†TSF family) got married which meant a TSF reunion. ūüôā Ana, June, Steven, Kevin and Andrew all flew over to Dutchland for the wedding (for pics click here). It was one crazy week for me picking up and dropping off the TSF crew but it was very nice seeing them again and ofcourse spending time with my sweetheart Ana. We even managed to¬†squeeze¬†in a trip to Cologne and saw the yearly fireworks “K√∂ln Lighter”. Cologne pics click here.

London trip:
The week after I went to London to visit the UK office of TOPdesk which was a nice experience. London is a beautiful city and I managed to get some nice nightshots while I was there. London pics click here.

The big 30:
In August I turned 30 leaving behind the twenties ūüėõ I wasn’t planning on celebrating it but my parents arranged for a surprise birthday party with friends and family I haven’t seen in a while. Loved it and had a very enjoyable evening. September was the wedding of Rezi & Marc and in October the wedding of Yip Wing & Naomi. I’ve known Rezi, Yip & Naomi since highschool, so that would be roughly half my life. I had a blast on both weddings and am very happy for them.

Vacation to San Francisco:
The last week of October I went on holiday to San Francisco with Ana. We met up with June and had a blast in SF. I love SF and¬†definitely¬†want to go back again in the future since there’s quite a few things to see in and around SF. If you want to see the pics click here.

Gadgets (Canon 100L, Canon PowerShot S95, HTC Desire Z, iPod Nano G6):
Gadgets wise the last seven months I’ve spent quite a bit of money. Hey I can’t help it, I’m a gadget nerd. I got myself a Macro lens the 100L from Canon. I love this lens to use for Macro’s and tele shots. Though I must admit on a crop DSLR like my Canon 500D it is a bit too long inside for normal use. Can’t wait to use it on a full frame but that will have to wait until Canon releases a 5D mark III. I also replaced my trusty old Canon Ixus 800IS point and shoot for the Canon Powershot S95. For the times I don’t want or can’t bring my DSLR along. Which is weekdays when I head to clients for work, then I can use the S95 to take pics when I’m on the road. I also got myself a new phone to replace my Nokia E72, which is still a very good phone but I started to find the lack of app support for Symbian getting annoying. So after years and years of Nokia Symbian phones I got myself the HTC Desire Z with Android. Wow, it really showed me how much catching up Nokia has to do with their Symbian OS compared to Android and iOS from Apple. But then again, I didn’t really check out the newer Nokia models with¬†touch screens¬†so I can’t really say if there had been an improvement. The last gadget I got myself was something I didn’t think I would get, an iPod Nano 6th Gen. Or should I say iPod Nano G6? It’s¬†definitely¬†Fly like a G6 ūüėõ

Since it’s been a long while that I updated my website I decided to change the theme, hope you like it. The picture right above the menu’s in the header is one that I made. I’ll try to update it every now and then with new pics that I shot.¬†Well that’s it for now, once again Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday’s and I’ll leave you with a Christmas song.