Alive and kicking …

Man I’ve been so lazy with my updates, it’s already been four month since the last update. Life has been good, all is well at work. Still learning and enjoying the work I do. Seeing different and new customers and getting to know new people. It’s been busy at work and time really flies! It’s been two year ago that I started at TOPdesk. Two weeks ago I experienced my first consultancy weekend at TOPdesk and it was a blast. Chillax, have fun, drink quite a few beers with your colleagues and going to sleep at 4am 🙂 Can’t wait for the next one in two years.

Other than work I’ve been to Venice and Florance in March with my sweetheart Ana to spend some time together and to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We spent the first few days in Venice and we were lucky because it was carnival in Venice. It was an amazing time in Venice seeing and experiencing carnival. Though at some point I was getting tired of the massive crowds while trying to walk around Venice. If you want to see the pics just click here for general pics of Venice and here for the costumed people. The day after carnival ended we headed off to Florence for the remainder of our vacation. We also did a daytrip to Lucca and Pisa. In the morning walking around in Lucca and in the afternoon a quick stop at the leaning tower of Pisa before heading back to Florence. I enjoyed Florence more then Venice, but that might have been because it was less crowded in Florence compared to Venice. And it was a lot cheaper hotel and food wise. Florence pics can be found here. The vacation was very nice and it was good to see my girlfriend again. Will be seeing her again in June when I go visit her in NY. 🙂

Last week I’ve been to the Keukenhof which is a yearly event in The Netherlands where you can see lots of flowers. For more info about the Keukenhof click here and for the pics click here. It was the first time I went and probably the last time too. The flowers were nice to see but the whole Keukenhof didn’t quite meet my expectations, the flower fields we saw on our way looked more interesting.

Well that’s what’s I’ve been up to the last four months. Tomorrow I’m off to the Autorai with Marco, Jay & Dennis. Gonna bring along the cam and do some camera nerding look at new cars. 🙂 Happy easter to you all.

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