Alicia Keys concert

Yesterday I went to the Alicia Keys concert in the Gelredome and I must say. It was amazing! I loved it! Alicia Keys is one of the few artists that I have all the cd’s from. Well ok, not all of them (yet) since I don’t have her 4th cd “I Am” at the moment, but I’ll be buying it sometime soon. Yeah call me crazy but I still buy cd’s every now and then. Most of the time it’s not really worth the money imho.

The last time I went to an Alicia Keys concert was on 13th of November 2002 in the Heiniken Music Hall. It was a lot smaller and the concert was part of something called MTV 5 Night Stand. Don’t know what it was but that’s what it says on the tickets I still have. πŸ˜› Anyway, Alicia Keys had just dropped her debut album that year “Songs in A minor” and sinceΒ  I loved the album I went to her concert. I still remember the energy, vibe and ofcourse incredible performance and hoped to catch another concert of hers in the future. When I was in China she came back to the Netherlands for her “I Am” tour and I was pretty annoyed that I wasn’t able to see it. But I got another chance when I heard she was gonna to a concert this year for her latest album “The Element of Freedom”.

On 28th of January when Marco, Jooky and me were having hotpot at Marco’s place we were talking and at some point after eating the conversation went to the fact that Alicia Keys was going to do a concert here in the Netherlands (in the Gelredome in Arnhem) so we decided to check when it was and if there were still tickets left. Well, there were still tickets and in the spur of the moment we decidede to get the tickets and voila. Flash forward into time it’s 8th of May and we were off to the concert.

We left Amsterdam eraly afternoon and arrived in Arnhem at the Gelredome and parked our car there and went off to downtown Arnhem to chillax. We met up with with some other friends of mine (Pamela, Sheng, Yingying, Ying, Sammy, Xuan and a friend of Xuan) that were also going to the concert for dinner and after that we were off back to the Gelredome.

The support act was Melanie Fiona, which when I heard the was like … ehhhh who is she? O_o But when I heard her perform I was like ohhhh I know two songs of hers (“Give it to me right” and the song “It kills me”) πŸ˜› But then again, I was there to see and hear Alicia Keys. After the Melanie and a short break the concert finally started and what a perfoemance it was. It was amazing, just like the concert I remember from 2002 and I loved the songs and energy. I am bummed that I didn’t bring my point and shoot to the conert. But I will definatly try to go to any future concerts Alicia might give because I’ve been a fan of her music since her debut album. Though I must admin that I prefer her first two albums more that the last two, but maybe that’s because I need to listen more to them. I had a blast yesterday and the concert was the icing on the cake. πŸ™‚ I’m off to listen some more Alicia Keys and see you next post. Leaving you behind with a vid someone else made at the concert yesterday. Damn I’m still bummed out that I didn’t bring my point & shoot πŸ™ Anyway, enjoy Empire state of mind. C ya.