Got my Visa

for China today. This morning I got up early to pick up my passport at the Chinese Embassy in The Hague after handing it in last thursday. There was no traffic on my way towards the embassy and I got a parking space right in front of the embassy. It was pretty crowded with people who were applying for their visa but luckily for me the pick up counter was totally deserted so I basically walked in, got my passport back and walked out of the embassy within 10 minutes.

Yes I know, that long? Well I had to pay and carefully check my visa before leaving the embassy you know. So it took a few minutes longer, so what. šŸ˜‰ Anyway, on the way back it started to rain but like on the way towards the embassy there was almost no traffic so I was back at home after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Now I can finally get busy with preparing for 1 month backpacking in China. I can hear you thinking:

“Wait a second, prepare??? Didn’t he came back from China just 3 weeks ago? Why does Guy need to prepare?”

Well the answers are pretty simple, I did came back from living 1 year in China but there is a difference in actually staying in one place and having your own room and traveling all over the country. For the first you just use a suitcase and trolly to move your stuff and you can leave it in your room. With backpacking you’re constantly traveling and don’t have one fixed location. That means you have to pack differently. In other words, pack light and only bring along stuff for backpacking. And don’t forget the most important thing, buy a proper backpack. Since I don’t have one I need to start looking around and buy one soon because I’m flying out on Sunday the 10th of August. That’s next week Sunday already … O_o

So yeah, by the end of next week I’ll be flying off to China again to see the Olympics in Beijing and to travel with my girlfriend. I’ll be in Beijing from 11 – 17 August and after that it’s backpack time for 10 days. To where we’re not entirely sure but we’re planning to climb Huang Shan. After that I will be heading back to Beijing and will be there again from 27 August.

I’ll be flying out of Beijing on the 29th of August and land back in Amsterdam on the same day in the evening. Don’t you just love time differences? šŸ˜‰ When I’m back it’s back to business and start with job hunting. Anyway, that’s in about a month time. First things first, getting a year older this week (blehh šŸ™ ) and preparing for China (yeah šŸ˜€ )