3 weeks back in Dutchland

Hi all, it’s been a while since my last update of my weblog. O_o Being honest I was too lazy to update. And I still have to get used to being back again in Dutchland aka The Netherlands. But I’ve actuelly been busy this whole day with backing up and updating this weblog and it’s software (WordPress).

I’ve finally got it back to how I want it, maybe some tweaks here and there but it’s up to date and running smoothly. 😀

For the people asking me about my pictures, well I got about 140GB of pics and movies from my year in China. I’m gonna filter them when I feel like it and maybe put them online here. For the people with facebook, add me there and you can see them. I can’t be bothered to upload them here at the moment.

Anyway, I’ve been busy with getting back into live here and it’s getting there very slowly. I’ve also been busy booking planeticket back to BJ and hotels in China. Last thursday I went to the Chinese Embassy to apply fo a visa and get pick up my passport on tuesday, hopefully with a visa.

More updates and more frequent ones will hopefully be the future of my blog. I’m off to meet some friends. Thanks for dropping by and see you next time.