Yesterday was a good day

A wonderful day, as I wrote yesterday I got my visa for China and can start preparing for a 3 week backpacking trip to China. In the evening I went to my gf to spend the night at her place and to spend some time with her. When I got at her place she was all excited and told me she got extra tickets for the Olympics. Yeah, quite a few too as I looked at the ticket confirmation form she gave to me. We already had tickets for soccer and ping pong, but she also got tickets for judo, beach volleyball, rowing and tennis.

So we were quite excited and started checking out where the different venues are. Sadly I won’t be in BJ for the rowing but I will be for all the other sports. We also found out that the tickets for tennis are tickets for FINAL matches !!! Yeah … imagine that, me and my gf at the tennis finals. SWEEET !!! Anyway, I was already looking forward to going to BJ but now really anxiously looking forward to being in BJ and can’t wait to fly out next week Sunday.

Yeah, next week Sunday already. It seems so far away yet it isn’t.  Well that’s it for now, gonna get ready to meet my friends tonight. We’re gonna play tennis so that’s going to be fun. I haven’t played since I left for BJ a year ago.