to be able to walk again. Last week monday my cast came off and on wednesday I started with physical therapy. I can happily say that I can walk again relatively normal. Next step is being able to do cycling exercises next week or so.

Anyway, thursday I met up with Hok Kwan & Karyin in The Hague and had some korean bbq at this place called Kimchi House. Sadly Henessy & Kitfong couldn’t come anymore last minute. Well the food was ok for dutchland I guess but compared to the real thing i’ve had in the Wu (aka Wudaokou) and in Korea it’s not even coming close. After eating we went to Dudok for a drink and then I went back home. Next time we’re meeting up n Amsterdam people, since we’ve done Rotterdam & The Hague already.

Friday I had a housewarming party of a friend. The plan was to have dinner with the whole group, which also included 2 of the TSF family (Pamela & Shenghong) and Wijie was joining later since he had other plans. Anyway dinner didn’t really work out since the group kind of got split up into 2 groups. So we didn’t really have dinner together, but anyway. After dinner we all met up at Ying’s place and had fun. Wijie came a bit late and he brought along a Karaoke set but ended up forgetting the Karaoke DVD’s hahaha. So no KTV for us but we had fun.