Breaking radio silence …. fast forward to 2012

After roughly 1 year O_o Man oh man, time flies and a lot has happened in the year I haven’t blogged. Since I don’t want to bore you to much just the highlights of 2011 to get you up to speed.

USA Westcoast Roadtrip September 2012
Yep I did a roadtrip with my Amsiecrew (Marco, Jay, Dennis, Kristine, Saskia & Julitta). I started in NY for a few days while Marco & Jay started in Vancouver (Canada). The whole Roadtrip crew met up in San Francisco and that’s where it all began. The trip took us from San Francisco to Yosemite Park, Sequoia Park, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas again en lastly back to Los Angeles to go back to Dutchland. The highlight of the roadtrip in my humble opinion was experiencing the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. That was just amazing! The least interesting was Los Angeles, it has no appeal to me. Las Vegas was an interesting city, during the day not a lot to do but when the sun is out and gone the city comes to live with all the lights. The casino’s themselves are mazes to keep you on the gambling floor. No exit signs and to get to your room you have to go through the casino part. And no clocks either making you lose all sense of time. Though it was nice to have “free” drinks when you gamble. πŸ˜€ Just sit at the penny slots and order all the drinks you want. Cheap way of getting drunk πŸ˜› Anyway, it was an amazing trip and I had a lot of fun with the roadtrip crew. For pics on my Flickr account click here Westcoast Roadtrip 2012.

Transfer to TOPdesk UK in London
Yep, before my roadtrip in September I got the opportunity to be expatted the UK office of TOPdesk for a year. Which started in October right after I got back from my Westcoast roadtrip. It was quite an hectic period, just getting back from a 3 week roadrip and then within 2 weeks move and go to London. The first 6 weeks I stayed in hotels because I had to look for an place to rent and when I did find one it didn’t become available untill end October. Also setting up a bank account and doing all types of paperwork but that all went relatively quickly. It’s been 5 months since moving to London and I can definately say it’s been a fantastic experience up untill now. The travelling here in the UK is on another level then I was used to in The Netherlands but I know what I was getting myself into. Time is really passing by so quickly and I am on the road roughly most of the time, only my administration day at the office in London.

That’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell. Which leads up to now, March 3rd 2012 with me sitting in the plane to NY typing this blogpost on my Asus Transformer. I’ve still got a good 5:30 hours to go before touchdown at JFK. Think I’ll might write some more blogposts … if I feel like it. πŸ˜› See you on the next blogpost …