Welcome to the dark side … introducing the iPhone 4s

Yes I admit it, I turned to the dark side … and got myself an iPhone 4s (black, 32GB). For the people that know me, I hate itunes and don’t like certains aspects of Apple’s businessmodel. But afer using the iPhone for a few months I have to say it works as advertised and I have access to the apps that I like to play around with. Though the downside is iTunes to manage my music, missing widgets like Android has and a few other snaggles which I won’t name cause otherwise it might become a rant.

No OS is perfect, Android is to fragmented (and sometimes buggy) but very customisable, iOS is very smooth but I can’t easily manage my music (as in plug in iPhone and just copy paste music on it, unplug and just play the songs). No I NEED to use frigging iTunes for that, missing widgets, not being able to frigging remove the search tab/screen! I mean come on, wtf do I need an whole sreen with just a mini search bar for! Just give me the option to remove it! Why does eveything need to be placed on the screen and why not just a programs menu (as in Android) where I decide if I want it on any of the homescreens that I set up? Widgets for some things like weather, calendar info. And don’t start telling me the you have the notifications bar cause that’s just BS and a work around. And some other things I dislike about iOS. Windows Phone 7, I haven’t really tried but fromĀ  my short experiences in the phone shops I must day that I do NOT like the whole tile “Metro” interface. Can’t really explain why though, it just doesn’t feel right when I was playing around with Windows Phone 7.

Anyway, back to the iPhone 4s. Short summary, I like it but I hate the limitations that Apple has built in for me as an power user. For some of the things I like and want I need to jailbreak my iPhone and I think it’s just not worth my time and effort to jailbreak. In my opinion there should be a power user mode where I can just to the things that at current moment I have to frigging jailbreak my phone for. I’ve gotten used to iOS now and use it with reserved pleasure. I’ll probably go back to Android again for my next phone but you never know what might happen. Who knows I’ll be using an Windows Phone 8 device as my next phone.