Yes we can

Yes Man … we can. 😛 Starting today (I mean since yesterday) Obama was inaugurated and is the 44th president of the USA. I really can’t believe how many people were there at Capitol Hill to be part of history in the making. Me, sadly I was sitting at home in front of the TV watching. Been watching CNNfor most of the day and also looking up information about IBM.

Well ok granted, it was general information on their website and Wikipedia. 😛 Yeah I still use wiki to get general information about just about everything. Anyway, today I had a meet & greet at IBM in Amsterdam, which is about 20 minutes from where I live. I enjoyed the meet & greet and also got to meet nice and interesting people. We got a general presentation about IBM, got to talk to trainees from the different traineeships (Consulting, Project management, Sales). Guess where my interest lie 😛 We also did a case about The Genographic Project which is done by National Geographics and IBM. After that we had time for a drink and we got an individual convo with the IBM people.

In my case they were positive and asked my preferences, well guess my answer: “Consulting, preference IT strategy of Change Management”. So they are going to send my CV to the right people and I’ll have to play the waiting game for a while. Let’s hope that I am going to be invited. 🙂 It’s a positive thing since I didn’t get an offer at Accenture. Well, the problem is that they aren’t hiring at the moment but that I am qualified for the job. So when they start hiring they will call me. Well, nothing else to do but keep on hunting for a job. Not only at IBM but also at other places.

Anyway, today was a good day and when I was googling for the website of the Genographic Project I saw that there is also another procject called The DNA Acestry & Surname project. I am going to read both websites to find out more about these two projects since it sound interesting. But tomorrow it’s time to meet up with my friends from the EFR 06-07, cheers people and see you soon.