No? “No man, no man, no man!!!” Euhhh YES? “YES MAN!!!”

Last week Saturday I went to the latest movie of Jim Carey which is “Yes Man“. It just came out about two weeks ago and since me and my friends (Marco & Dennis) were in the mood for a comedy we went to Yes Man.

I really have to say that the movie is really over the top and I was laughing my ass off. It’s been a while that I could say that I liked a movie. Eventhough the storyline set Yes Man up for the things that happen I couldn’t help but laugh. There were two moments in the movie which will go down and stay with me in a … euhhh how should I put it … gross kind of way.

The movies storyline in a nutshell is that the main character is a no man and by turning into a yes man finds happiness in the end. The road towards that happiness is filled with entertaining, weird, over the top events which will made me laugh my ass off. What do I mean with no man & yes man, well you just have to look at the trailer or visit the cinema to know. 😛

Yes Man is a real Jim Carey movie, comparable with Ace Ventura. Mindless laughter and simple entertainment. So if you want that then I can recommend Yes Man, otherwise just skip this one and head off for another movie.