Vacation time, New York

Thursday 10th
After having a nice breakfast we went to the bus by cab since we didn’t want to use public transport with all the luggage. The bus ride was as scheduled and we didn’t have any traffic untill we hit New York city center. We got dropped of at 33rd and 7th where we met up with Suzanne aka Danger Ma who was coming from work if my memory serves me correctly. We took a few pics and catched up a bit before heading off to the subway on 34th where all of us went our ways. I went to Jamaica with the F to stay at my aunt and uncle and that was it for the 10th.

9-11 …
Ana and me met up at World Trade Center where when I got out of the station I was greeted with protestors of the 911 attacks and rain. We walked around Ground Zero and went to St. Paul’s Chapel. Since it was around lunchtime Ana surprised me by taking me to Serendipity. Yes the store where Jonathan and Sarah from the romatic movie Serentipity had their frozen hot chocolate after meeting each other in the beginning of the movie. After that we went to the Met and decided to go to ehhh some museum that Suzanne wanted to go to. We didn’t reach the museum since it halfway the busride we were like wtf where the hell is it. It’s mad far so we went back to Brooklyn towards Ana’s house. Yep, it was time for me to meet the parents … which went pretty well. ๐Ÿ˜€ Which was quite the relief. We had dinner and afterwards they dropped me off at my aunts.

Saturday 12th
Ana and me met up at Bryant Park where we had breakfast/lunch at Pax. After that we walked towards Grand Central and then towards the UN building. After which we had to go towards Broadway for The Lion King ๐Ÿ˜€ We got at Broadway in time and walked around in the M&M store, the Hershey’s store and the Toys R Us before heading off to the theater to catch The Lion King. I absolutely loved the musical, the costumes and preformance was great. Thanks for bringing me there sweetheart *kiss* ๐Ÿ™‚ After the show we were off to meet up with Kelly (a friend of Ana) for dinner. We had ramen at Rai Rai Ken after we decided that a 1 1/2 hour wait at Ippudo was going to be to long. We went to ChikaLicious afterwards for coffee and I just had to try their Cononut cupcake which was very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ We chillaxed for a while before heading off to Otafuku for takoyaki (aka octopus balls) and some Ice Cream before calling it a day.

Sunday 13th
In the morning Ana came over to have Dim sum with my aunt, uncle and cousins before we went to Chinatown and Little Italy. In the afternoon we went towards the UN building since the other TSF (Pamela, June and Jenny) had a room in that area and had just arrived. We met up and we rushed off to Broadway where we had a surprise for Pam. On our way towards Broadway we took a quick snack and ate on Broadway. After a quick bite to eat we took off to the theather for the musical In the Heights which was our birthday present for Pam since it was her bday the day before. I absolutely liked the show since it had a latin/urban street feel to it. Man I wish I lived in NY … all those musicals and all. I should go to more musicals in Dutchland (if there are nice ones) or in London. Anyway, afterwards we had dinner in Hell’s Kitchen if I’m correct and decided to call it a day. Oh check out one of the songs from In the Heights, this is one if not my favorite track from the musical and soundtrack.

Piragua, piragua, new block of ice piragua.ย  Piragua, piragua, so sweet and nice piraguaaa.


Monday 14th, one more day …
Sightseeing day with the TSF ๐Ÿ™‚ We met up at Green Battery Park to catch the boat to Libterty and Ellis Island. Yep, we just had to see the statue and take some pics. When we got back from the islands we had lunch at Chipotle, got a frap at Starbucks and walked towards Wall Street, ground zero and ending up in Chinatown for bubble tea and ice cream. When we were rested we went off to Soho and then towards 34th street to go shop near Macy’s. We ended the day with Korean food in Koreaย  Way which is about two blocks from Macy’s. After dinner it was time for me to say goodbye to Pam, June and Jenny since I wouldn’t be seeing them anymore before my flight back to Dutchland the next day. It was really nice hanging out with the TSF crew in NY and a lot of fun. I was starting to get June syndrome again ๐Ÿ˜›

Tuesday 15th, the day of deparure … time to go back home
My sweetheart Ana and me met up a bit later so I could pack my stuff before heading out downtown for one last time (for this trip that is cause I’ll be heading off to NY more frequently in the near future). We went to look and get the last few items that I needed to get and walked around the area of Rockefeller where we had lunch in this classic diner called Johnny Rockets, it really was like I was sitting in Happy Days. They played nice classics from that era and the booth we were sitting in had a jukebox where you could request a song. ๐Ÿ™‚ I ordered a burger and a milkshake since it was curious to see if this would top the burger we had in London at GBK. It was a good burger but up till now GBK (London) has the best burgers followed by Burgermeester (Amsterdam). The milkshake was second best vanilla milkshake I have had, this one only being topped by the one I had at GBK. Well yes folks, if you visit London and like burgers and milkshakes GBK is a MUST eat!!! No doubt about it!!! After lunch we went to my aunts place to pick up my luggage. My aunt and cousin brought me and Ana to the trainstation for the Airport and we were off to JFK terminal 4. We got there prettu quickly, I proceeded to check in and after that was all done I spend the last few precious moments with Ana before I had to go through customs and board the plane. It was a hard moment but we had to part for now but I know time will fly and we’ll see each other again soon. The flight back was smooth and we were 45 minutesย  ahead of schedule. I got my luggage and was out pretty quickly. A little later I was back home and unpacking and realized that my vacation was really over … I can’t wait for the next vacation with my sweetheart and am looking forward to it.