Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen?

Well … Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen has had a lot of mixed reviews on IMDB and after reading them and watching the movie yesterday I must agree with most of the reviews that are nuanced and a bit more negative about this installment of Transformers. First of all the good, or at least the things I thought were enjoyable of the movie:

CGI was very good. No doubt about that, visually the robots (I refuse to call them Transformers for reasons yet to follow) looked very spectacular. The main attraction fot this movie and the main eye candy.

Action wise it’s a typical blow up stuff movie, in short mindless entertainment.

Megan Fox is hot, but her acting is euhh … Then again, she’s the other eye candy of the movie. Which is emphasized everytime she’s in a scene. I mean come on, I know Megan Fox is hot but to have a robot humping her leg?

Now for the things I really did NOT like in general about the movie and things about the “Transformers” in the movie (but then again I might be a grumpy old fan of the original 80’s cartoonshow).

Camera style!!! IT WOULD NOT KILL TO KEEP THE FRIGGING CAM STILL FOR A FEW SECONDS!!! Specially during the transformations of the robots and all. Now we see scenery movement and camera angle shifting during a transformation. Which is very distracting and does not do the transformation any justice. Since you can’t see a damn thing of the total thing and if you can see it then the frigging swifting of camera angle makes it almost impossible to follow. More is not always the best thing in fact less is more in this case.

The robots themselves. I mean I could NOT recognize any of the robots ans I was a big fan of the cartoon in the 80’s. Specially when a lot of them were on screen at the same time during the battles. Give the damn robots some specific colouring like in the cartoon so people can see the the differences. The only one I could recognize was Bumlebee because he’s yellow.

The robots in Transformers 2 (as in the first movie) are not worthy of being called Transformers in MY humble opinion. You could have called both the movies by any other cool name which has to do with robots and it would NOT have mattered to me story wise but none of the robots in the movies can be called Transformers. At least not by me, if others think differently that’s their opinion. This is mine.

The idiotic, annoying autobot duo. Got I wanted to see them get blown up, teared apart whatever after a few scenes with them involved. They make Jarjar look like nothing.

The fallen one? What the F*%& ??? Megatron being an apprentice? hmmm much darkness I sense in this young one … WTF!!! Did I buy a ticket to  see a robot version of Star Wars? O_o That was soo frigging rediculous!!!

Other then that it was an enjoyable movie. Mindless entertainment, specially when I didn’t associate the movie with Transformers and just enjoyed the 2 1/2 hour ride.I really hope they remake the original 1986 cartoon movie into a CGI version, while leaving the Transformers appreances just like in the cartoon and not use the ones they did for the movies. That would soo kick ass. Oh well, I can only dream about that happenening …

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  1. Critics have been tough on this movie, but the kids love it make no mistake about it. I also think the GI Joe movie will fall into the same category. These movies are made for kids they don’t care about us old guys b/c we don’t buy the merchandise.

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