Halfway 2009 …

Wow, time really flies when busy. I can see it’s already been 2 whole months since my last short update. hmmm gonna be updating once a month from now on.  Anyway, back to my rambling on what’s been up in my life for the last 2 months. I’ve started working at TOPdesk 7 weeks ago, yep this was week 7 already and it has been a blast at work. Time passess by so very quickly and it’s almost been 2 months since I started working. It’s been a real fun ride up till now and I know I will have fun in the future too. My collegues are really chillaxed and I’ve been learning quite a lot of the software. Lots of training, workshops and cases to get to know the software which is also called TOPdesk. The atmosphere at HQ is really relaxed and informal. When we need a break we can play tabletennis, airhockey, table football or …. (drum roll) … we can have a blast on the Wii playing Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, Wii sports, Soccer or some drum game. 😀 It’s really fun during these short breaks and every friday at the weekly social drink. 🙂 It’s not all fun and games,like I said. I’ve learning a lot and tagging along with various other consultans to their customers to get a feel of what I’ll be doing on my own in a month or 2. Next week monday I’ll be tagging along with a collegue for a full project and help out where I can so that’s gonne be interesting and a challenge. One that I’m looking forward too.

Other than work I’ve been meeting up with friends and having dinner reunions. It was was having a mini TSF reunion when Suzanne was in Dutchland to visit Marc. The whole Dutch TSF crew got together and we also went to Brussels, it was really nice weather and fun. Too bad I had to leave early in the afternoon back to Rotterdam to meet up with my fellow CSA-EUR board members aka The Duckies 😛 It was fun too meet up again after the last time. Which was in November 2008, so we haven’t met up in 6 months!!! O_o Yeah it’s been that long, next time we shouldn’t wait that long!!! So guess we’ll have to start planning again for August? Just like my other CSA-EUR crew which I met one week later in Amsterdam. FINALLY a time in Amsterdam 😛 We went to Hwa Won for Korean food which was pretty nice and afterwards we were crazy enough to go to Schiphol airport for a Starbucks frappacino. 😛 My guess is that the next time we’ll meet will also be somewhere in August. Yeah I know … it’s madness planning that far ahead. But that’s the sad case when everyone’s working. Weekends are booked most of the time. O_o

Oh and 2 friends of mine got married in the last 2 months too. Am I getting old or what? A lot of people I know are getting married. One was a friend from the TU Delft when I studied Electrical Engineering for one year and the other was a friend when I stopped at the TU Delft and went to the HvA to study Electrical Engineering. I had a bachelor party for Chiwai which was really fun but tiresome. We did paintball for 3 hours and after that we went to another place to race around on Quads and drive around in 4×4 jeeps (the ones you think of when you hear the word Safari). On the day of Chiwai’s wedding I was one of the hingdai’s so we were tortured picking up the bride to be Natascha. It was a long but very happy and joyous day ending with a wedding banquet in Amsterdam.

That’s been the last 2 months, and I’m really looking forward to next month because on the 22th of July I’ll be flying to London with my cousin Marco and two other highschool friends (Dennis & Jay) to have a midweek vacation and to visit the MJ concert on the 24th of July. The only thing I hope is that the shows won’t be cancelled or that MJ doesn’t die or something like that.  But then again, if the concert is cancelled we’ll just have one more day of sightseeing/shopping. Well, that’s my update for now. See you all next update, which will be before me heading off to London.