That Jazzy Soul feeling

Well it’s that time of year again, it’s getting colder, the leaves are almost gone, it’s even snowed here this morning. Since I can remember music has (and still continues) to play & dominate a large part of my life. Yeah I am a audiofreak, I love listening to music and I have a broad scope of music to which I listen. In general I listen to Urban (as they call it today) and whatever is being played on the radio. I also listen to Jazz, Latin (from Merengue to Salsa to Bachata to Zouk to Cuban it’s all good), Soul (Motown era), 2 step/UK Garage, Asian (Chinese, Korean & Japanese) etc. There’s too much too list, but hopefully you get the idea.

Anyway, with the fall and winter I usually listen a bit more to some nice Jazz, Motown, Soul & Crooner. It fits the season I guess. Those music styles give of a relaxing and warm feel. Specially when I lounge at home. One of my all time favorite remakes is by Candy Dulfer of the Isley Brothers song “For the love of you”.

They don’t make music like that no more, well granted, in the Jazz and Soul genres they still do but most of what you hear on the commercial radio is for the masses. I don’t mind listening to that, specially when going out to the club it’s nice to party to but songs like “For the love of you” from The Isley Brothers or any other artist from that era like Marvin Gaye, Gregory Abbot, El Debarge, Bobby Womack, Bobby Caldwell and the list goes on are timeless and have been covered so many times. That is the music that I love and touches me.

I think only a few artist nowadays come close to the legends of the past, and the ones that do have been heavily influenced by those legends. A good example of one of these artists is Jaheim, one of the most slept on R&B artist in a while. He had one or two big hits in the past but he never became mainstream. Which I guess is kind of a good thing since he might have become to commercial if he did blow up the charts too much. I love his voice and the feel of the songs he sings.

Anyway enough rambling from me. I’ll leave you with some songs in the hope you enjoy them just like I do and give you warm feelings in these cold days.


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