Six months in Beijing

Nimen hao ma? Sitting in at 36500 feet moving at 562 mph and about 3466 miles and 6:15 hours away from Beijing typing this message I can’t help but feel excited of what is to come.

A lot happened the last few days. Last thursday I finally gaduated from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, meaning that I am now officially a Master of Science in the field of Ecomics & Informatics. And now just a mere four days later I’m sitting in a plane typing this message.

Monday the 10th. I woke up this morning knowing that in the evening I was getting on the plane towards Beijing. It was quite a strange feeling. Spent half of the day packing the last of my stuff and double checking if I didn’t forget anything.

Got at the airport at 18:00. It was very busy at check in and baggage drop off. But luckily for me an extra baggage drop off counter opened up and guess who was racing over there in good old Chinese fashion. 😛

After checking in I spent some of my last remaining time with my family before going through customs. We took some last pctures and I was off on a new adventure. One called “Six months in Beijing”, off which you’re reading the first chapter of many more to come. I just hope I can keep update this story for all of you. 😉

Anyway, it’s 0:28 Amsterdam time and in about 6:02 hours (at least according the display) I’ll be landing in Beijing so I’m gong to get some shut eye. See you next time. Ciao. Pleasant dreams …