In the Air

Well I’m currently in the air typing this message. It’s 8pm at the moment, the flight left on time at 6:35pm which means I’ve been in the air for about 1 1/2 hour. Another 8 1/2 hours to go before landing in BJ.

The flight is a joint flight by China Southern & KLM but handled by KLM. So I’m flying with KLM, the plane is an old 747 in which there are NO screens in the seats in front of us. That sucks big time, China Southern planes have screens in front of you which is less straining for the neck. I’ve got a crap seat for watching TV. Oh well, luckily I put some movies on my Meizu M6 and a lot of extra music. And I can always write blog posts on my HTC in the plane so they are ready to be published on my blog.

The view is just amazing with the sun & the clouds. To bad I don’t have my own cam with me at the moment. I’m using a Fuji F31fd for the moment since my gf took my Canon Ixus 800IS to BJ so she can take pics. She is more able to use my cam than the Fuji of her brother. While I really like the Fuji it is hard to get good pics out of it. Auto setting is not really recommended to get the best IQ (Image Quality) in pics and manually setting is advised. While I did shoot in manual with my Canon I takes getting used to fiddle with the settings of the Fuji and it has different options feature wise than my Canon. Oh well, I think I just have to get used to the settings the coming 3 weeks.

Enough rambling for now, drinks are being served and I’m guessing food will come soon so till the next update (will it be written in the plane?).