CSA-EUR 2006-2007, one unforgettable year !!!

The story begins last year before the start of the summer holiday. I applied for the position of secretary and was selected. The reason for my application was that I was a committee member and because I saw a lot of potential for the association. Together with two other committee members we decided to apply for a board position. Nathaly applied for the position of treasurer and Jason applied for the position of commissioner PR.

The fourth board member was Yen Pan who applied for the position of commissioner external affairs. We got selected and in July we started setting up the organization with one position still open, that of the chairman. Before the start of the academic year I was chosen to be the chairman and thus that was the start of what would end up being the fellowship of the CSA-EUR board.

The 2nd board of CSA-EUR, 2005-2006

The 2nd board of CSA-EUR, 2005-2006

The fist half of the year went pretty fast and before we all knew it, it was December and the biggest event of CSA-EUR was almost at our doorstep. The Chinese New Year celebration of CSA-EUR on the Erasmus. China In Focus was three days of total mayhem but it was worth all the effort and time we put into organizing it. It was a kick to see al the people staring at the traditional lion dance & wu shu demonstration, people coming to our stand and signing up for Chinese Courses and all of that. We also had full exposure in the Erasmus Magazine the week before China In Focus.

After China In Focus the second half of the year also went very fast with things we organized: Big2 tournament, Pool tournament, Chinese High Potential Forum in collaboration with CJO, Social Corporate Responsibility in collaboration with NCDO and we ended the year with the BBQ which I spoke of in one of my former postings.

The only thing left to do was to hand over the responsibilities of the board to the next group of people that will guide and lead CSA-EUR for 2006-2007. That day was Wednesday 13 September and it was a day of joy and a day of sorrow for me as it meant that the fellowship of the board was coming to an end. But a new group of people has stepped up to the plate to take on the challenges of being the board the coming year.

Even though I’m officially not a part of the daily operations I will always be there for CSA-EUR when needed. It’s been a part of my life for two years and I still keep in touch with a lot of people.

Once again I would like to thank all the people that helped out in making this year such a great success for CSA-EUR!!! It was an honor to get to know all of you and to work together with you.

My fellow board members:
Nathaly, Yen Pan, Jason, Yee Tee.

Informal activities committee:
Rocky, Angela, Kafong & Kajang

Formal activities committee:
Elly, Shuhua, Chanelle

PR committee:
Silvia, Yunzhi, Siewman, Chunghei, Andruin

Fenfen, Jinyong, Tina

The final words are for my fellow board members. Don’t forget the pact we made with the Buddha’s and the ducks.