Confirmation from Tsinghua University

As most people know about now, I’m planning to go to Beijing in september to study Chinese for one semester. I’ll be doing this in Tsinghua University in Beijing. 🙂 I have to register at Tsinghua between the 11th and 13th of september and my classes will start on the 18th of september. Yen Pan, once again thank you for your time and effort to bring my application form to the Foreign Student Office of Tsinghua. Because of that I knew that my application was receiverd in good order and that I would be getting a confirmation. I was anxiously awaiting the confirmation letter from Tsinghua and yesterday the wait was finally over. 😀

So that’s one thing less to worry about. The final paper work for Tsinghua and Beijing will be not that much of a problem. The main things that are on my mind at the moment are the final exam I have to do before I can hand in my Master Thesis and off course the finalization of my thesis. Which is actually printing it out and handing it in at the examination office on the Erasmus University. But that will have to wait until after my final exam on the 10th of july.

Anyway, all of this means that I’ll be on a tight schedule utill I arrive in Beijing. But what’s life wouldn’t be that interesting without challenges to overcome. I’m busy with working to save money for my half year in Beijing and studying at night for my exam. Oh well, as the saying goes: “Every journey starts with a single step”. And I know that I’ve taken my first steps on my journey towards finally graduating and towards my half year in Beijing.