Aoyunhui (奥运会) Beijing 2008 has officially started

De grand opening of the 2008 Olympics has stunned, mesmerized, awed and mad people speechless. What a show it was yesterday. The 4 hour opening was in one word amazing and only Zhang Yimou could have pulled it of in the way it was presented. What an artwork it was the first hour and the final 45 minutes.

The lighting of the torch was just like a scene that would have fitted in the traditional Chinese Martial Arts movies where people fly and soar through the skies. Only in China and by Zhang Yimou … who highlighted the typical traditional and also stereotipical traits of Chinese history. It is gonna be hard to top this spectacle and I’m curious if they ever will.

I’m really looking forward to going to BJ tomorrow and being there next week soaking up the atmosphere and vibe that the Olympics have brought to BJ. It will also be a refreshing experience seeing BJ and China during the Olympics after spending the last 365 days before the Olympics in BJ. Heard that a lot has changed, and seen some of it in the short newsflashes the last month that I’ve been back in the Netherlands. So I wonder how it’s gonna be.

I’m anxious to see my friends in BJ that are still around for the moment. Catch up on the last month and chillaxing. 🙂 Well one more day and I’m off … to the Beijing Olympics.