Nokia E72

After using my E71 for a little over a year and being very happy with it the gadgetgeek in me couldn’t resist and bought the E72. It’s an improvement in several area’s which made it worth my money to get it. No I didn’t buy the phone seperate, I renewed my contract for another year at T-Mobile and got a dicscount on the E72. Here’s a few pics of how the E72 looks like and in which colors you can get it.

As you can see the E72 isn’t that much different looking compared to its predecessor, the E71. Though ithad gotten a few nice upgrades in certain areas and works and handles a lot nicer than the E71. Main differences:

E71 vs. E72
3,2MP vs. 5MP
S60 3rd edition FP1 vs. S60 3rd edition FP2
normal d-pad vs. optical d-pad
2,5mm jack vs. 3,5mm jack
369MHz CPU vs. 600MHz CPU

E72 specific:
flash light, usb charging and come more things I can’t be bothered to mention 😛

Anyway, since I’ve been using de E72 for a week my old E71 became my business phone. I swapped the simcard from my business phone (HTC Touch Pro T-mobile branded) asap into my E71. I can to everything with the E71 except for proper navigation. That’s what my Touch Pro had become to me for now haha. An PND (Personal Navigation Device) with Windows Mobile 😛 Battery life of the E72 has been amazing, but then again I can’t really say anything usefull since I’ve only had it for a week but it lasted 5 days on initial charge and I was playing around with it quite a lot and also using itas my mp3 player. 🙂 So it this is what I can expect from battery life I will really like the E72. Because my E71 battery has been getting less throughout the year, only lasting me 2 or 3 days max with an average of 3 hours mp3 listening and some texting, calling per day.

There are a few changes that I have to get used to on my E72, the optical trackpad works surprisingly well but it’s still something I need to get used to and most of all, the menu’s have been rearranged. So I have to find my way again on the E72. Mail for Exchange works for synching my work e-mail but the only thing that’s not working properly is that it only gets a part of the e-mail and won’t download the full message. The same thing happens with the E71 but when you read the e-mail it will automatically download the remainder of the e-mail. Whereas the E72 won’t and doesn’t seem to have that option. Which kind of sucks. 🙁 Hopefully Nokia will fix this problem in the next firmware. Or it might be an issues with how Mail for Exchange interacts with Zarafa (which we use instead of Microsoft Exhange).

Don’t know how long I’ll be using this phone but I know I’ll be happy with it for the coming year. Knowing myself I might buy an eventually follow up for the E72 when it’s going to be announced and released but I am guessing that will take another year or two. The E71 has been on the market for about 2 year by now so if the release schedule of the E72 can be used as an indication it will be end 2011 or early 2012 before an E73 is on the market. In the meantime I’ll be content and happy with my E72.

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