The city of Edinburgh

cropped-IMG_0014Schotland Edinburgh, I heard good things about the city prior to me visiting it this weekend and I have to say it’s a lovely city and has a very unique feel to it. A very historical feel and city center is very walkable. I arrived on Friday evening and after checking in at the Premier Inn located at Princes Street I went out for some nighttime dslr nerding. I managed to get quite a few shots and loved walking around. I also had a late dinner at pub called Deaon Brodies.

On Saturday Phil came over to Edinburgh and we were hoping to have nice weather for some dslr nerding. Sadly it was foggy during the day and at some point around 4pm ish the fog got even worse. Visibility was nada for taking nice pics. 🙁 So we just decided to stop and have early dinner at the Mussel Inn. After that we went to the Whiski Rooms and spend the rest of the evening there having a few Whisky’s 🙂 Today the weather was very nice warm and sunny but sadly we were leaving today. Why couldn’t it have been the other way around, yesterday nice weather and today foggy. Oh well, c’ est la vie. I had a good time and I definitely see myself visiting Edinburgh again. Almost back in London, just 30 more minutes in the train and we arrive back at Euston. Then off to home and food. Signing off for now  … cheers.