Hunting time

Yeah, the hunt for a job has officially begun. Friday and yesterday I went to this jobfair in Utrecht. On friday I went together with Wijie to walk around and talk to different companies, we met up with Pamela and afterwards I went home. With a bag full of goodies and info brochures. The coming days gonna read through them and start writing letters to companies.

Saturday I had to get up early again to go to Utrecht for the workshops I applied for. The workshops were interesting, it was a refresh course for me. The first workshop from GITP was about roleplaying, where you have to act out a certain rol. Before the second workshop of GITP started I got in a conversation with a Chinese girl who was also at the rolepplaying workshop. She is already working and came along with a friend of hers that is looking for a job. During our talk I found out she also studied at Tsinghua for a while. But before we could talk some more the workshop started. At the end I didn’t get the chance to exchange contact info which is quite a shame since she seemed like a nice girl. I didn’t see her the remainder of the day, oh well, another time I’ll just have to be a bit more assertive.

After the workshops I met up with Yee Tee, a friend of mine who is working at IBM and we had lunch and time to catch up on what’s been happening in the last year. I might apply for IBM traineeship but I just have to read up on IBM before that. Anyway, I had seen enough and went off to meet Marco (a cousin of mine) who was also in Utrecht so we walked around for a bit to find a nice cafe to sit and talk before having dinner at Broadway. The food was really nice and not that expensive and after dinner I went back home.

Well like I said … it’s time to start hunting …