Coming back home, t-minus 9 days

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last update, 4 months to be precise. Man time really flies sooo fast and I have travelled and seen so many things here in China. It’s unbelievable how big, diverse, beautiful and mesmerizing this country is. Specially when you have great “Tsinghua Super Friends” to share the experiences with. Can’t believe I just finished my last exam today and will be flying back home next week sunday. Yep I will be back in NL next week sunday.

I really have mixed feelings about coming back, on one hand I really wanna come back and see everyone again in NL. Missing my girlfriend, parents, family and friends a lot. But on the other hand I really don’t want to go back since it means leaving BJ and saying goodbye to all my friends here in BJ. It’s a thought that makes me really sad but reality is harsh and as reality will have it. Everyone is kind of starting to leave back for home or have one last trip this weekend.

Just like I’m doing since I’m flying out BJ this sunday to South Korea to have one last trip before coming back to NL. Yep, I’ll be in Seoul and Jeju Island for a week and next week saturday I’ll be back in BJ with the knowledge that all of my friends won’t be there anymore. One more day to repack stuff and say goodbye to Tsinghua, Wudaokou and BJ in my own way and the next day it’s time for me to fly out. 🙁

I am soooooo gonna miss everybody. Eventhough the dutchies I’ll definately see when they get back in NL it’s the friends that are from the rest of the world that I am really gonna miss. Typing this and thinking about it makes me really sad and it feels so surreal. Tsinghua has become my home away from home in this past year and that has mostly to do with all the friends here. My “Tsinghua Super Friends”. How fitting this group name has become for me in this past year. Eventhough I had to say goodbye to quite a few friends at the end of last semester it didn’t make me feel this sad since a lot stayed.

Anyway, time to feel sad and scroll through memory lane will come when I get back in NL. I’m gonna enjoy the last few days here in BJ with my friends before it all ends. Tomorrow we’ll have a big after finals goodbye party, I’m really looking forward to it and gonna enjoy it as much as I can.

To be continued …

2 Replies to “Coming back home, t-minus 9 days”

  1. what up china guy?
    time flies by when your having fun huh?
    Zo “snel” kom je weer terug..ik dacht hij gaat vast olympisxche spelen daar checken..
    anyway veel plezier daar…geniet van elke moment


  2. Dude!
    I didn’t read here for a couple of weeks, but I see you’re returning the day after tomorrow.
    I can totally see the dilemma you’re in, having gotten used to living in China over the past year. I’m sure everyone will feel the same when in that situation.

    When you’re back, we’ll have to meet soon, just to see the massive amount of pictures you’ve undoubtedly made and head down memory lane for a while.

    Have a safe trip!

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